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            NRC Consulting part recommend the Turnkey Systems for developing software   and hardware solutions in the wide range of Automation, Process monitoring, Data acquisition, Energy management and renewable energy resources. We help our clients achieve  the  edge  in  their  respective  markets  through  the  integration  of   real-time  control  and information systems, Energy management  and  using the  renewable  energy  resources. We  develop the  simulation  software  to  reflect  power  system  operations  to  assists  our  clients  to  draw   the   impact  of   energy   policy  on  their  systems  through  the   accurately   models  and  making  informed  decisions  for  improving their  system.

  • We provide the Renewable energy resource system integration information, Indication of  renewable energy on electric system planning & operations. Justifying the benefits, costs and impacts of renewable energy policies and variable generation on power system operations for System Operators.  Implications of energy policies on the existing capitals and infrastructure, on future system requirments (reliability and operations) and presenting the opportunities for new investment to Power Generators and Project Developers.