NRC engaged  in providing  innovative  solutions  for  Intelligent 

                                                         automation   and   system  control  and    offering    the   new   energy

                                                         resources  stand  together  with  technology  expertise to satisfactory

                                                         various   customers  in  Commercial, Industrial and Domestic sectors

                                                         by     optimizing       their      energy     consumes,     increasing   their

                                                         profitability   by    using    the    new    technologies    and  enhancing

                                                         their     business    efficiency    ultimately   serving    the   welfare  of  

                                                         the   community     at    large    among   with    our   commitment   and

                                                         strategies  to   save   the   energy    resources   and  lead  in  economic

                                                         progress,   social    development   and   environmental   improvement




                                                              NRC  is  an   ultimate   solution   provider   with  a  celebrity  for

                                                             expertise,  quality,  and  affordability in  the  world  of  energy  and

                                                             automation  to adherent environmental  protection  by  our  synergy

                                                             effort. We  guarantee  quality  assurance  in  achieving  the  service