Renewable Resources

Nowadays the renewable energy resources are of high interest regarding their environmental impact due to their conservation of natural resources and naught of environmental pollution. The renewable energy resources are the sources of energies in which they are available freely in natures, are continually replenished and will never run out.and using the current fossil fuel, will damage the nature continuously. Wind energy, the sun, geothermal sources, and biomass sources such as energy crops. NRC provide full Service of engineering, financing, installation and ongoing monitoring. We make it easy and affordable to use renewable resources with uncompromising service that has made us the industry leader.



  Renewable resources should never run out

Photovoltaic Panels-On Grid Solar Inverter-charge controller- Off Grid Solar Inverter-Wind Turbine-Wind Turbine Control System

NRC provide the commercial onshore and offshore wind turbines with the proven performance, availability and reliability to create more benefit for our customers from the world's leading wind turbine suppliers.

NRC design a solar system to meet your energy requirements, financial goals and architectural style. We draft a set of custom plans based on your architecture and electrical infrastructure.